Redplay2u Sharing – Part 11

Redplay2u have to intro a game every Chinese person knows:


Mahjong or sparrow is a strategy game from China, sparrow even as Sparrow , mahjong even for horses or sesame (take homophonic in sesame paste ). The game participants are mostly four people, but there are also two or three variants ( more common in Japan and South Korea ). Mahjong’s rules in different places (especially scoring methods) are very different, but the basic goal is to spell out a particular combination of cards through a series of substitution and trade-off rules, and prevent opponents from achieving the same purpose. The game focuses on techniques, strategy usage, and calculations, but it also involves quite a bit of luck. Compared to poker, the combination of mahjong is more varied and requires complex probabilistic analysis to predict outcomes. But the rules and cards that mahjong needs to remember are much more than the average poker game. In East Asia and Southeast Asia , especially in the Chinese community, mahjong is often used as a means of entertainment or gambling .
The cards of Mahjong are similar everywhere, and generally contain at least two types of 34 cards. The first category is the ordinal card (see photo), which is divided into three categories: “Knife Card/Pie”, “Suozi Brand/Article” and “Wanzi Card/Wan”. Each card has four cards with an order number from one to nine ( 108 doors in three doors). The second category is the word plate, including four “wind cards” of “East, South, West and North” and three “three yuan cards” of “Zhong, Fa, and Bai”, each of which is four (a total of 28 in seven). . Therefore, at least 136 mahjong games are used for the game (the three-person hemp in Japan will be removed from 2 to 80,000, which is quite strange). In addition, Southeast Asian countries will add extra cards, one of which is a single card of cake, sow, Wanzi, and plate; Fujian and Taiwan will add flower cards, “Mei, Lan, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, Eight spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are ancient mahjong bone system, bamboo system or ivory system, modern Mahjong is more of a plastic made.
Mahjong In addition to a card, and dice and other props, such as Japan Mahjong the “point stick”, and there is a majority of mahjong known as the “village” or “Circle Wind” on the plastic props, used to identify The dealer and the show “circle style.”

Nowadays modern mahjong got different type, different country and different rules. So tomorrow let’s Redplay2u continue for this kind of Mahjong Sharing.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Part 10

TGIF!!! Today let’s Redplay2u intro to you another old ancient gambling game:

Fighting Cricket

Fighting Cricket, one of the folk dramas in China, is an ancient entertainment activity, but this leisure style is cruel. Fighting is only male, they bite each other to defend their territory or compete for spouse rights. The second insect battle, the defeat of one party or the escape of the battle or the withdrawal of the battle, there is rarely a “war dead”.


Just like the American baseball season, China’s fighting season is getting longer and longer. Those who advocate the protection of pure entertainment are worried that such leisure activities are threatened by money culture.


n a big city like Shanghai, every petal market is filled with insects. They were surrounded by insects from the countryside, and they opened the lid of the canned-sized cylinder and examined the legs and shackles of each donkey while bargaining. The most valuable money from Shandong Province (the northeastern province of China), especially the Velarifictorus micado. Sometimes, just after a deal, the buyers are busy rushing outside to fight.

Gambling Cricket

However, if you can fight all year round, then the farmers can make a fortune by cultivating new varieties. Gambling is illegal, but it is very common in China, and the stakes are rising. In the past, gambling winners could get a piece of mooncake or opponent’s jealousy. Today’s bet size is evident from the most powerful price tag, which is also called “general” and can be sold for hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars.
As the stakes rise, gamblers are also trying to find a way to win. Then there was a “white worm”, a cockroach that was artificially cultured by means of hormones and muscle strengthening.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Part 9

Last week Redplay2u talk about Gambling Horse & Running Dog, and today topic is a ancient gambling of animal:

Fighting chicken

Cockfighting is almost all over the world of entertainment tradition, using the Galliformes birds (there are other purposes) in estrus aggressive features to the game. Cockfighting Chinese Ancient is a strong game . It was first used by Baiyue in the Dai ethnic developed. There have been cockfightings in the Asian Indus civilization (they used raw chickens ).


In Asia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu , Ecuador , Nicaragua , Colombia , Venezuela , Panama , Mexico , Peru , Dominica , Louisiana , in Europe, France and Spain also have appeared cockfight.

How to Process it

When the cockfighting will put together two fierce cocks, they will bite each other fiercely and will attack the opponent with a distance . If the two chickens have been fighting for a long time, they are exhausted, they need to wake them up with water, make them excited, and re-enter the battle until a cock is defeated. The scene of cockfighting is quite fierce. It is difficult for two chickens to struggle, and the situation is not the same. After the fight, the cocks are bleeding and screaming is weak.
The cockfighting was first seen in ” Twenty-five Years of Zuo Chuan Zhaogong”: “The season of the cockroach, the chicken of the cockroach , the Ji’s chicken, the golden distance of the cockroach”, that is, Ji Pingzi sprinkled the mustard on its chicken wings ( Or the cloud glues its feathers to make it resemble the armor.) Zhao Zhaobo put a metal knife on his chicken.
Han Yu, a writer of the Tang Dynasty , used poetry to describe the scene of cockfighting: “The sound of cracked blood and sorrow, and the hunger is very hungry, and the stunned and stunned.” Meng Jiao also wrote a poem about cockfighting. : “The claws are difficult to solve, and the eyes are not stunned. A spray and a wake-up, and then relentlessly.” ” Tao Tao Meng Yi ” said that “a day after reading the history, there are words of the Tang Emperor Xuanzong to the next year, good Fighting the chicken and dying of the country. Yu Yizhen is born in the next year, and stops.”

Gambling is often accompanied by cockfighting, and gamblers win with money from Baked Chicken or B Chicken.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Part 8

Introduction to ancient gambling horses and running dogs:

“Send a million orphans, and pay for it.”
Horse racing is a kind of sports competition that all nationalities in ancient and modern times like to see and hear. However, since ancient times, this fierce competitive activity has been gambling. The story of Sun Yi’s horse racing in the Warring States Period is the most famous example of horse racing in ancient China. It is also a famous attempt for gambling in operations research.


In ancient times, in addition to horse racing, walking dogs (running dogs) are also a common means of gambling. At that time, the aristocrats were often gambling horse racing. In general, civilians in the city could not buy horses and horses. They could only compete with dogs. When it comes to the marketplace bloggers in the ancient literature, it is often used in conjunction with the “cross-of-the-dog”, which is a common gambling method at the time. When Yuan Jing , the minister of Hanjing Emperor , was exempted from official residence due to illness, he “followed with the hustle and bustle, accompanied by the cock and walked the dog”. (“Historical Records Yuan Anzhen Mistakes Biography”) However, the running dog is not just a folk drama, sometimes the emperor is also happy. Gao Qi, the young master of the Northern Qi Dynasty, loves horse racing, cockfighting and walking dogs to gamble. His dog “has been set up immediately, and the cockfighting is also open, and the dog, the horse, the eagle, and the county.” (“North Qi Book · Young Biography”) Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, horse racing gambling is rare in the record, while walking dog gambling is endless in the book.
Ancient horse racing and running dogs are generally carried out between the owners of horses and dogs and belong to the nature of gambling. The horse racing gambling that has had a great influence on the Chinese society in the late Qing Dynasty is the gambling industry of the Western-style ticket nature, so it is also called “gambling horse”.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Part 7

Fan Booth

Last week i went to China for Redplay2u business trip, i saw a Chinese Traditional Game., Fan Booth. Fantan is a gambling method, before the Chinese southern Guangdong and Guangxi folk in the vicinity of popular .
The original stall was widely distributed, but in the same year, there was only one kind of gameplay, so it was called a fan. The Macau casino is in line with the public , so it is called “fan”.

How to play

The gambling method of the stall is very simple. Draw a cross on the table and divide it into four ones: one, two, three, and four. Gambling by (dealer) in the table to put dozens of the same size on the small coins (also can be used clothing buttons, beans , Go pieces, etc.). With a small porcelain dish or bowl , which in turn covered with several portions of about ten coins. After the player has bet, open the small bowl and count the number of coins in the bowl with rattan or small sticks. In groups of four, the remaining copper coins in the last group determine the winner; if there is one victory for the remaining one, two wins for the remaining two, and so on. Payouts are generally more than three times, less than four times. The common odds are a loss of 3.75.
Up to now, the game has been changed a lot, and there are more than four ways of playing, reading, cornering, and three-door.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Part 6


Domino , there are two dice with cards on the card, the dice evolved from the traditional Chinese dominoes also known as tin kau tiles .
It got its name from the production of materials, due to the so called domino mostly made of bone with a domino , is also useful ivory made, it is also known Yapai time, it produced the earliest legends about China Northern Song Dynasty declared and between years, so Also known as ” Xuanhe “.

The composition of dominoes is much more complicated than that of scorpions. For example, two “six points” are spelled into “day cards”, two “defects” are spelled into “land cards”, and one “six points” and one “five points” are combined into “tigers”. “Head”, when people call it “the world meets the tiger head, the bigger the more the seal!” Therefore, the domino game is more varied and interesting than the scorpion .

Domino gameplay

Playing the day nine , pushing the cards nine , phase ten , passing five , solitaire , hit and so on, are all domino games that prevailed during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are also paper dominoes made by cards all over China , and the names and cards are different. Can also be used as divination, such as ” the number of teeth “.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Part 6

Redplay2u player often say that all five poisons are full: cheating, gambling, helping, smoking, and swearing. That’s all the matter that even men don’t have good fruit to eat, but Li Qingzhao is so badly gambling. And she is not a general lover of gambling, Jane until the end of obsessive. We look at those who are obsessed with gambling, often trapped in it, unable to extricate themselves, and some even gamble homes, there are few people who do not regret. Li Qingzhao gambled for a lifetime, but he really didn’t regret it. Why? One word – win. The loss of the number of days of crying regret, who wins who regrets?
Today let’s talk about “Playing Horse”

Playing horse

Playing horses is a popular game of throwing games from the Song Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty in China

The horse appeared in the Song Dynasty and evolved from the calamus . The game was to throw a chess game and move the chess piece representing the horse to win the game at the end. It is often used as gambling. There were at least four ways of playing at that time, and the names of West Malaysia, Yi Jing Ma, Xuan He Ma, and another 50-pound chess piece were lost. During the Xuanhe period of the Northern Song Dynasty , some people would combine the Kansai horse with ten horse pieces and the horses of each of the twenty horse pieces to create a Xuanhe horse with 20 pieces of chess per person

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