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Overview of Asia online gambling

In Redplay2u’s report, Asia is at this moment the largest gambling market, but that is not really an unexpected fact, since inhabitants of Asia make up more than 60% of the world’s population.

Some tendencies in the global market for online gambling are also present on the Asian market, such as online evolution and the increasing trend in using mobile devices, like phones and tablets. And all these changes imply and involve technological measures in order to keep up with the mounting demand.

But the major changes that take place on the gambling scene appear in the regulatory spheres too, where every state needs to keep up with an already present phenomenon and needs to create rules and regulations accordingly.

As the online gambling market is experiencing a consistent growth with the mergence of new technologies and the increased accessibility of the Internet, it’s time to take a closer look at the fastest growing iGaming market – Asia.


Malaysia is a country with a 60% Muslim population, which is subject to the Sharia law that forbids gambling activities. This prohibition applies to both the local Muslim population, but also to Muslim tourists that visit the country. Still, there are legal forms of gambling that apply to Chinese minority (1/3 of the population) and tourists, which are not of Muslim faith.

Online gambling is possible by using overseas gambling websites, from Philippines and UK. To make things easier, players can transfer money online or at an ATM machine by bank transfer as many banks are available. The main gambling websites used by locals are licensed in Philippines and offer poker, casino games, sports, etc. and in Europe, which provide global coverage and a vast array of sports and casino games, like online slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette or live casino and poker.


Gambling as a whole is banned in Singapore. Just recently, Singapore has blocked hundreds of offshore gambling sites and it has become a criminal offense to gamble online on an unauthorized site.

The new Remote Gambling Act, which came into effect this past October, prohibits gambling services, remote gambling service advertisements and remote gambling promotion and only allows online gambling services to be provided by local non-profit operators.

This new law came as a result of increased popularity of online gambling in the country and has resulted in many online gambling operators leaving the Singapore market.
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Redplay2u’s Roulette Lesson

Roulette Rules

If you want to be successful at roulette, there are two things you’ve got to do: study the rules and practice, practice, practice. Here you can read about the most important roulette rules.
There is no other casino game that offers as many different ways to bet and to win as roulette does. To have maximum chances of winning you need to be familiar with the rules of Roulette. This is particularly important for beginners as these rules can be very confusing. For a quick recap of the very basic roulette tricks you need to know, look no further than our shortlist of 4 roulette tricks.

To get a good idea about how to play roulette read our summary of the most important rules. Once you get a decent grasp of the basics, you should probably try them out in an online casino right away. For this purpose, Redplay2u is highly recommended. The screen shots found in this guide were taken from this casino.
he Most Common Versions of Roulette
As with all casino games, online roulette has countless variations, some exclusive to certain casino sites. As such it would be virtually impossible to list all these versions here therefore the following guide will explain the basic rules of the standard game which will feature on virtually all online casinos. However, there are two major variations which will be found in both online and offline casinos that you should be aware of:

French Roulette

French Roulette is the traditional version of roulette – it is what most people probably picture when thinking about the game in casinos. On the French Roulette wheel and table layout there are 36 numbers plus the 0 (zero). These numbers form the basis of the game. French roulette is also sometimes referred to as European roulette. As it is the most common version of Roulette we are going to focus on explaining the rules of French roulette in this rules guide. However, there is another version that you may encounter often:

American Roulette

In some casinos you may also find the American version of roulette. The main distinction is a difference in layout, which is designed to speed up the playing of the game. However, American roulette has one major alteration: in addition to the regular 36 numbers and the zero there is also a box marked with 00 (double zero), which obviously increases the house advantage. For this reason we advise against playing the American version of roulette. You have more chance of winning in French or European roulette.

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Redplay2u – Asia Gambling Market

Inhabitants of Asia account for more than 60% of the worldwide population so it is predictable that it is currently the largest gambling market in the world.

China is home to a range of different forms of betting such as lotteries, sports markets and slot machines. Some of the forms of betting available are actually illegal with non-approved sites, such as poker, various casino games and sports betting. The Chinese Sports Lottery have a monopoly on all sports betting with the country. Even though it is extremely popular within the country, online betting is in the main part illegal; and operators, agents as well as promoters are often tracked down by authorities.

Those who bet online in China usually use internationally recognised and licensed sites that enable them to bet on live casino games and make pre-match and in-play bets on sporting events.

Macau is a location very popular within China among-st gamblers and people will visit there to play in the casinos and participate in sports betting as they are legal here. Macau is a Special Administrative Region and therefore has its own government and laws. However, Macau does not license online gaming operations and doesn’t even acknowledge online gambling.

In Hong Kong some forms of gambling are legal so long as they are managed by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, who are sponsored by the Government and includes gambling activity such as betting on football matches, horse racing and lotteries. Mahjong is also allowed in Hong Kong, but poker is mainly operated in an underground format. Due to any other form of gambling being illegal and the fact it can result in harsh penalties, people from Hong Kong generally prefer to travel to Macau to participate in gambling activities.

In Singapore gambling as a whole is banned and the country has in the recent past blocked a large number of offshore gambling sites and made it illegal to use unauthorised gambling sites.

Japan allows some forms of gambling, but online gambling is not allowed and overall it is heavily controlled and restricted. Lottery, some betting on sports and scratch cards are legally permitted. The Japanese Government cannot however stop people from accessing foreign gambling sites; and even though there are tight regulations, sports betting and gambling are extremely popular. More complex betting activities such as live sports, poker and betting with fixed odds are usually accessed via international gambling sites.

It is no surprise that Asia is the biggest gambling market in the world given the size of the continent, however the laws in regards to gambling do vary from country to country. There is no doubt that if gambling laws and regulations are relaxed, Asia on the whole would be able to freely enjoy trusted gaming sites such as Redplay2u; but in meantime, Asians will have to be patient. At present in some countries it is entirely legal to gamble, others ban it entirely. Whereas it is just heavily regulated in places, such as India, which is seeing a massive growth in online gambling at present, even though gambling is very restricted throughout the country.

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Redplay2u Sharing – Camdodia Casino

Cambodia Casino History

Kampot is one of the cultural treasures of Cambodia. Freelance writer found that residents of this quiet mountain town are increasingly uneasy with tourism, investment and economic development, especially the influx of Chinese gambling funds.

Let’s Redplay2u start the history. During the colonial period (1863 – 1953), this mountainous highland was once a summer resort for the French. They built an enclave here, with a church, a post office, and a palatial grand hotel.

In the turmoil of the civil war and the massacre, the hotel became a ruin. After a fire, the ruins of the ruins, the windows of the black holes, and the gray walls revealed dark red.

It stands there, like the historical ghost monument.

This year, after a costly renovation and renovation, it became a luxury hotel and casino – Le Bokor Palace, grand opening.

Bogo now has two casinos. After the construction of a 18,000-hectare resort recently started, more casinos will open.

This fully reflects the gambling tourism policy inclination in Cambodia. The casinos here cater to the needs of Chinese tourists, offering traditional and online gambling services; both are banned in China.
It is easy to get a casino license in Cambodia, and the regulation is very loose. The resulting gambling gold rush is changing the face of a town.

The most typical is Sihanoukville, a two-hour drive from Kampot. Citizens are worried that other towns will follow suit and become a replica of it.

Sihanoukville has become the center of China’s investment in Cambodia. Its driving force is from the expansion of manufacturing, tourism and gaming, and it has occupied an important geographical position in Beijing’s “Belt and Road” trade network, with unique strategic advantages.

It used to be a quiet fishing village, where backpackers traveled, but now it is full of Chinese supermarkets, swaying apartment buildings and casinos. During the rapid development process, some streets were excavated and recently caused a major market in the city to be flooded.
Note: According to Chinese media data, in recent years, more than 2,000 Chinese-funded enterprises have invested in Cambodia, involving firepower and hydropower stations, airports, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, etc.; the Chinese investment in Cambodia has accumulated more than $12.5 billion. News of Taiwan and mainland Chinese who illegally opened casinos and online casinos in Cambodia were arrested and repatriated by Cambodian authorities, and Chinese companies borrowed money from casinos. Xiong Bo, Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, publicly stated in 2018 that the Chinese government opposes its citizens operating casinos in Cambodia, especially those that specialize in Chinese.

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Redplay2u Secrets Sharing

Many Redplay2u enthusiasts see gambling as an excellent way to get entertained. Others, however, want to work on their gaming skills and tactics in order to increase chances of winning and even earn extra cash from time to time. Whatever these reasons are, every player would like to know how to improve their results while gambling. So, we’ve made a list of a few gambling strategies every successful gambler should be aware of. Ready to take a look? Let’s go!

6 Gaming Secrets Professional Gamblers Know

People visit land-based or online casinos for many different reasons. There are those who like to take a break from their daily tasks and forget about the reality. Some, on the other hand, play to win. There are even professional gamblers, who make money gambling – either by spinning the reels of video slots or by participating in various table game tournaments. So, whatever reasons you may have, it’s always a good idea to work on improving your results. Here’re some gambling tips we think you should take into consideration.

1. Choose Your Gaming Specialty
To start off, the first thing we advise you to do is to choose the best games. As most of you already know, the popular casino games include online slots, progressive slots, table games, and live games. Table game selection at the casinos is usually diverse and includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and other specialties. When it comes to game’s house edge, you’ve probably noticed that every online casino game has its own house advantage. Be that as it may, try to choose games with the lowest house edge.

2. Create a Logical Strategy
Another thing one professional gambler should focus on is creating a logical strategy. For example, table games such as roulette or blackjack are all based on probability. When playing video poker, however, players can bluff and use tricks in order to gain the advantage. You don’t have to be a math genius to devise a logical system. Your personal tactics may include strategies like betting low or quitting after a predetermined number of winnings. Either way, always make sure you’re familiar with the odds before making a wager.

3. Track Your Results
The next thing you can focus on is tracking your casino results. Use your phone or a regular notebook and write down the entire history of your gambles and be honest. If you fail to record your earnings and losses, you may have problems to manage a healthy bankroll. Be aware of how much you can play with, to avoid issues with your paperwork, especially when the time comes to pay your mortgage or file your tax documentation.

4. Manage Your Gambling Budget Wisely
What you can also do is define a specific amount on money that you can set aside before you start playing. That means defining the amount of money that you can afford to lose. Once you establish a certain bankroll, you’ll know how much you’ll be able to spend on a monthly, weekly or even daily bases. Some experienced players advise newbies to put the original wager aside and play only with the money won. You can even wait for a couple of months for your bankroll to build before you start betting real money.

5. Develop Your Analytical Abilities
Another piece of advice that can help you become a professional gambler is to work on your analytical abilities. And how do you do that? Start by analyse the games based on their house edge and your abilities to play them. If you choose to play video poker, for example, analyse the payback percentages and focus on how well you can master the best strategy to keep the house edge low. In case you prefer sports betting, try to learn everything you can about the teams or players involved in the contest, before placing your bets.

6. Know When to Quit
And our last piece of advice for today is to learn when to stop. If you’re playing on a regular basis the time will come when you will lose a few bets in a row and, at that point, you’ll need to realise it is time to quit. Do not chase your losses. Remember, you are better off to stop playing for a while than to continue losing and let your bad results affect your state of mind and your bankroll. Take a break (even for a few days or weeks) and start again with a fresh mindset.

Final Thoughts
As we have already discussed in our previous blogs, we believe there is no exact strategy on how to gamble or how to make money gambling. However, you may increase your winning potential and minimize losses by taking some of our gambling tips into consideration. Just make sure you are psychologically prepared and use all these hidden gambling secrets that may help you make money gambling. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts over at our wordpress, forum and Redplay2u website.

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Redplay2u Mahjong Sharing – Part 2

Hong Kong-style Taiwan sparrow

Redplay2u intro the 16 mahjongs in Hong Kong and Macao , also known as Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjong , are directly referred to as Taiwanese mahjong . They are a variant of the combination of Hong Kong Mahjong and Taiwan Mahjong , and the number is much larger than the authentic Taiwan Mahjong.


Most of the Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjong is based on the “puture pull”. In the Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjong, the meaning of “pull” is different from the “lazhuang” of the Taiwanese mahjong itself. The meaning of “pull” here means that if this office gives A to B, it will temporarily count, if the next round A is released to B, or B is touched, (the total trading direction is A–> B). The number recorded in the previous game will be multiplied by one and a half times, plus the number of the latest game, becoming the “new total.” If the third game is also A to give B or B to touch, then multiply the “new total” by one and a half times, plus the third game.

In addition, the opposite of “pull” is “kick half”. That is to say, if the A is given to B, the next B is given to A, or A is touched (in general, the transaction direction is reversed), A will pay half of the last post.

It is worth noting that even if A is a Hu card, but Hu is a C or D card (in short, there is no transaction involving B), there is no “kick half”, to pay the full amount of suspense.
In addition, the Hong Kong-style Taiwanese sparrow is similar to the Taiwanese sparrow, with Lianzhuang. The number of income obtained by Lianzhuang is 2*n+1 (n is the number of times the banker is connected). If one of them has a dark bar, three of them will pay at least the bottom of the house. If the roll before the start of the circle is opened to the number of points (that is, the three points are the same number of points), the other three will pay the bottom one at the dealer. If it is thrown to one or two, the dealer will pay the other three chips. If one of them is a scam, you need to pay for the remaining three chips of 30.

On the other hand, some people will play “infinite pull”, that is to say, there is no upper limit on the number of “pull”, and the puller cannot freely “surrender” the number of breaks. However, if you are not lucky, the “infinite pull” may enter the number of astronomical figures. In view of this, most Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjongs have now been converted into “three bureaus”, that is, if the person being pulled is drawn to the third game, he has the right to choose to pay the bill immediately and avoid pulling it again. The fourth inning, the fifth inning or above.

Of course, the pullee can also choose not to “pull” and hope that the fourth game can be “kicked half”, but if he continues to be pulled, he will have to be pulled to the sixth game to have the right to choose “斩拉” or not.

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Redplay2u Mahjong Sharing – Part 1

Coming Chinese New Year, every people gonna back to hometown visit parent and long lost friend. During that time sure got some entertainment with them, drinks, play card games and mahjong.

Today topic is chinese favorite game, Mahjong and got alot of mahjong type in whole world. So Redplay2u here share a Hong Kong Style Mahjong to you guys.

Hong Kong Mahjong

Hong Kong Mahjong is one of the mahjong games. The gameplay is roughly the same as the Guangdong Mahjong , but the fan species are much less. In fact, it belongs to the more traditional “clear chapter” (one says “old chapter”). The new chapter of Guangdong Mahjong.


In the past , there were differences in the number of laws in the urban areas of Hong Kong and the New Territories . For example, the mahjong of Hong Kong now generally adopts the “three-three system”, that is, the mixed color , the opposite , the small three yuan , and the flower and the three are counted (so It should be four times to eat flowers and even self- measures, but the flowers and the cases must be touched, and generally do not add to the touch. In the past , players in the New Territories villages used the traditional “two-two system” to count only two flowers and two. In fact, the mahjong tradition in Hong Kong adopted the “two-two system”, and later it gradually evolved into the “three-three system.”

Game win with Fan, number (point)

Hong Kong Mahjong, the traditional “three three systems” calculations are not large (small three yuan only three times), and the species is also much less. However, mahjong from other regions (Guangdong, Taiwan, Japan, etc.) has introduced new species, such as Kankan and Jiuzi, and 18 Arhats. In addition, the number of caps has become larger (eight or more), such as the small three yuan is now counted five times.

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