Redplay2u Mahjong Sharing – Part 2

Hong Kong-style Taiwan sparrow

Redplay2u intro the 16 mahjongs in Hong Kong and Macao , also known as Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjong , are directly referred to as Taiwanese mahjong . They are a variant of the combination of Hong Kong Mahjong and Taiwan Mahjong , and the number is much larger than the authentic Taiwan Mahjong.


Most of the Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjong is based on the “puture pull”. In the Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjong, the meaning of “pull” is different from the “lazhuang” of the Taiwanese mahjong itself. The meaning of “pull” here means that if this office gives A to B, it will temporarily count, if the next round A is released to B, or B is touched, (the total trading direction is A–> B). The number recorded in the previous game will be multiplied by one and a half times, plus the number of the latest game, becoming the “new total.” If the third game is also A to give B or B to touch, then multiply the “new total” by one and a half times, plus the third game.

In addition, the opposite of “pull” is “kick half”. That is to say, if the A is given to B, the next B is given to A, or A is touched (in general, the transaction direction is reversed), A will pay half of the last post.

It is worth noting that even if A is a Hu card, but Hu is a C or D card (in short, there is no transaction involving B), there is no “kick half”, to pay the full amount of suspense.
In addition, the Hong Kong-style Taiwanese sparrow is similar to the Taiwanese sparrow, with Lianzhuang. The number of income obtained by Lianzhuang is 2*n+1 (n is the number of times the banker is connected). If one of them has a dark bar, three of them will pay at least the bottom of the house. If the roll before the start of the circle is opened to the number of points (that is, the three points are the same number of points), the other three will pay the bottom one at the dealer. If it is thrown to one or two, the dealer will pay the other three chips. If one of them is a scam, you need to pay for the remaining three chips of 30.

On the other hand, some people will play “infinite pull”, that is to say, there is no upper limit on the number of “pull”, and the puller cannot freely “surrender” the number of breaks. However, if you are not lucky, the “infinite pull” may enter the number of astronomical figures. In view of this, most Hong Kong-style Taiwanese mahjongs have now been converted into “three bureaus”, that is, if the person being pulled is drawn to the third game, he has the right to choose to pay the bill immediately and avoid pulling it again. The fourth inning, the fifth inning or above.

Of course, the pullee can also choose not to “pull” and hope that the fourth game can be “kicked half”, but if he continues to be pulled, he will have to be pulled to the sixth game to have the right to choose “斩拉” or not.

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