Redplay2u Mahjong Sharing – Part 1

Coming Chinese New Year, every people gonna back to hometown visit parent and long lost friend. During that time sure got some entertainment with them, drinks, play card games and mahjong.

Today topic is chinese favorite game, Mahjong and got alot of mahjong type in whole world. So Redplay2u here share a Hong Kong Style Mahjong to you guys.

Hong Kong Mahjong

Hong Kong Mahjong is one of the mahjong games. The gameplay is roughly the same as the Guangdong Mahjong , but the fan species are much less. In fact, it belongs to the more traditional “clear chapter” (one says “old chapter”). The new chapter of Guangdong Mahjong.


In the past , there were differences in the number of laws in the urban areas of Hong Kong and the New Territories . For example, the mahjong of Hong Kong now generally adopts the “three-three system”, that is, the mixed color , the opposite , the small three yuan , and the flower and the three are counted (so It should be four times to eat flowers and even self- measures, but the flowers and the cases must be touched, and generally do not add to the touch. In the past , players in the New Territories villages used the traditional “two-two system” to count only two flowers and two. In fact, the mahjong tradition in Hong Kong adopted the “two-two system”, and later it gradually evolved into the “three-three system.”

Game win with Fan, number (point)

Hong Kong Mahjong, the traditional “three three systems” calculations are not large (small three yuan only three times), and the species is also much less. However, mahjong from other regions (Guangdong, Taiwan, Japan, etc.) has introduced new species, such as Kankan and Jiuzi, and 18 Arhats. In addition, the number of caps has become larger (eight or more), such as the small three yuan is now counted five times.

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