Redplay2u Sharing – Part 11

Redplay2u have to intro a game every Chinese person knows:


Mahjong or sparrow is a strategy game from China, sparrow even as Sparrow , mahjong even for horses or sesame (take homophonic in sesame paste ). The game participants are mostly four people, but there are also two or three variants ( more common in Japan and South Korea ). Mahjong’s rules in different places (especially scoring methods) are very different, but the basic goal is to spell out a particular combination of cards through a series of substitution and trade-off rules, and prevent opponents from achieving the same purpose. The game focuses on techniques, strategy usage, and calculations, but it also involves quite a bit of luck. Compared to poker, the combination of mahjong is more varied and requires complex probabilistic analysis to predict outcomes. But the rules and cards that mahjong needs to remember are much more than the average poker game. In East Asia and Southeast Asia , especially in the Chinese community, mahjong is often used as a means of entertainment or gambling .
The cards of Mahjong are similar everywhere, and generally contain at least two types of 34 cards. The first category is the ordinal card (see photo), which is divided into three categories: “Knife Card/Pie”, “Suozi Brand/Article” and “Wanzi Card/Wan”. Each card has four cards with an order number from one to nine ( 108 doors in three doors). The second category is the word plate, including four “wind cards” of “East, South, West and North” and three “three yuan cards” of “Zhong, Fa, and Bai”, each of which is four (a total of 28 in seven). . Therefore, at least 136 mahjong games are used for the game (the three-person hemp in Japan will be removed from 2 to 80,000, which is quite strange). In addition, Southeast Asian countries will add extra cards, one of which is a single card of cake, sow, Wanzi, and plate; Fujian and Taiwan will add flower cards, “Mei, Lan, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, Eight spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are ancient mahjong bone system, bamboo system or ivory system, modern Mahjong is more of a plastic made.
Mahjong In addition to a card, and dice and other props, such as Japan Mahjong the “point stick”, and there is a majority of mahjong known as the “village” or “Circle Wind” on the plastic props, used to identify The dealer and the show “circle style.”

Nowadays modern mahjong got different type, different country and different rules. So tomorrow let’s Redplay2u continue for this kind of Mahjong Sharing.

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