Redplay2u Sharing – Part 10

TGIF!!! Today let’s Redplay2u intro to you another old ancient gambling game:

Fighting Cricket

Fighting Cricket, one of the folk dramas in China, is an ancient entertainment activity, but this leisure style is cruel. Fighting is only male, they bite each other to defend their territory or compete for spouse rights. The second insect battle, the defeat of one party or the escape of the battle or the withdrawal of the battle, there is rarely a “war dead”.


Just like the American baseball season, China’s fighting season is getting longer and longer. Those who advocate the protection of pure entertainment are worried that such leisure activities are threatened by money culture.


n a big city like Shanghai, every petal market is filled with insects. They were surrounded by insects from the countryside, and they opened the lid of the canned-sized cylinder and examined the legs and shackles of each donkey while bargaining. The most valuable money from Shandong Province (the northeastern province of China), especially the Velarifictorus micado. Sometimes, just after a deal, the buyers are busy rushing outside to fight.

Gambling Cricket

However, if you can fight all year round, then the farmers can make a fortune by cultivating new varieties. Gambling is illegal, but it is very common in China, and the stakes are rising. In the past, gambling winners could get a piece of mooncake or opponent’s jealousy. Today’s bet size is evident from the most powerful price tag, which is also called “general” and can be sold for hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars.
As the stakes rise, gamblers are also trying to find a way to win. Then there was a “white worm”, a cockroach that was artificially cultured by means of hormones and muscle strengthening.

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