Redplay2u Sharing – Part 9

Last week Redplay2u talk about Gambling Horse & Running Dog, and today topic is a ancient gambling of animal:

Fighting chicken

Cockfighting is almost all over the world of entertainment tradition, using the Galliformes birds (there are other purposes) in estrus aggressive features to the game. Cockfighting Chinese Ancient is a strong game . It was first used by Baiyue in the Dai ethnic developed. There have been cockfightings in the Asian Indus civilization (they used raw chickens ).


In Asia, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu , Ecuador , Nicaragua , Colombia , Venezuela , Panama , Mexico , Peru , Dominica , Louisiana , in Europe, France and Spain also have appeared cockfight.

How to Process it

When the cockfighting will put together two fierce cocks, they will bite each other fiercely and will attack the opponent with a distance . If the two chickens have been fighting for a long time, they are exhausted, they need to wake them up with water, make them excited, and re-enter the battle until a cock is defeated. The scene of cockfighting is quite fierce. It is difficult for two chickens to struggle, and the situation is not the same. After the fight, the cocks are bleeding and screaming is weak.
The cockfighting was first seen in ” Twenty-five Years of Zuo Chuan Zhaogong”: “The season of the cockroach, the chicken of the cockroach , the Ji’s chicken, the golden distance of the cockroach”, that is, Ji Pingzi sprinkled the mustard on its chicken wings ( Or the cloud glues its feathers to make it resemble the armor.) Zhao Zhaobo put a metal knife on his chicken.
Han Yu, a writer of the Tang Dynasty , used poetry to describe the scene of cockfighting: “The sound of cracked blood and sorrow, and the hunger is very hungry, and the stunned and stunned.” Meng Jiao also wrote a poem about cockfighting. : “The claws are difficult to solve, and the eyes are not stunned. A spray and a wake-up, and then relentlessly.” ” Tao Tao Meng Yi ” said that “a day after reading the history, there are words of the Tang Emperor Xuanzong to the next year, good Fighting the chicken and dying of the country. Yu Yizhen is born in the next year, and stops.”

Gambling is often accompanied by cockfighting, and gamblers win with money from Baked Chicken or B Chicken.

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