Redplay2u Sharing – Part 8

Introduction to ancient gambling horses and running dogs:

“Send a million orphans, and pay for it.”
Horse racing is a kind of sports competition that all nationalities in ancient and modern times like to see and hear. However, since ancient times, this fierce competitive activity has been gambling. The story of Sun Yi’s horse racing in the Warring States Period is the most famous example of horse racing in ancient China. It is also a famous attempt for gambling in operations research.


In ancient times, in addition to horse racing, walking dogs (running dogs) are also a common means of gambling. At that time, the aristocrats were often gambling horse racing. In general, civilians in the city could not buy horses and horses. They could only compete with dogs. When it comes to the marketplace bloggers in the ancient literature, it is often used in conjunction with the “cross-of-the-dog”, which is a common gambling method at the time. When Yuan Jing , the minister of Hanjing Emperor , was exempted from official residence due to illness, he “followed with the hustle and bustle, accompanied by the cock and walked the dog”. (“Historical Records Yuan Anzhen Mistakes Biography”) However, the running dog is not just a folk drama, sometimes the emperor is also happy. Gao Qi, the young master of the Northern Qi Dynasty, loves horse racing, cockfighting and walking dogs to gamble. His dog “has been set up immediately, and the cockfighting is also open, and the dog, the horse, the eagle, and the county.” (“North Qi Book · Young Biography”) Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, horse racing gambling is rare in the record, while walking dog gambling is endless in the book.
Ancient horse racing and running dogs are generally carried out between the owners of horses and dogs and belong to the nature of gambling. The horse racing gambling that has had a great influence on the Chinese society in the late Qing Dynasty is the gambling industry of the Western-style ticket nature, so it is also called “gambling horse”.

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